Unknown - portrait of a young man

At present it has not been possible to attribute an artist to this American miniature. However, it is very well painted in an early type of frame with a beaded bezel and an uncommon hanger. The portrait probably dates to around 1835.

It is a little hard to see, but there is a lot of detail on his clothing and waistcoat with folds, buttons, and shading. Also the head is very finely painted.

Few artists showed the sitter's head so high in the frame, which enables the showing of this degree of detail on the clothing. Thus it should be possible to find comparative miniatures and determine the artist.

Although it is not by either of them, two other artists who did often paint clothing in a similar amount of detail, i.e. showing all the folds of the waistcoat, were James Peale and William Verstille.

The sitter is unknown. 1205

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