Bradley, John - portrait of a man

This miniature portrait is by an artist who is recorded as a miniature portrait painter, but so far no other example of a miniature by him has been located. The signature appears to read "I. Bradley Fecit 1834" which must be for John Bradley of New York. Unfortunately the small glass at the rear of the case must been lost a long time ago and hence a dark mark accumulated from a hundred years of dirty fingers has partially obscured the date.

His treatment of the sky, especially at he very top is very distinctive, as the blue and white almost has a sideways grain effect of ivory. There is a little rubbing around his ear, but the condition is better than the photograph shows.

John Bradley is believed to have been born in England and arrived in New York around 1826. Then he was active as a portrait painter between 1832 and 1847, painting residents of Staten Island, then known as Richmond Island. New York City directories list him as a portrait and miniature painter working in an area that would now include Houston Street. One address given for him is 128 Spring Street, New York. Most of his works seem to have been large oil portraits.

The hanger on this miniature is unusual and has not previously been seen on a chased miniature case such as this. The sitter is unknown. 1212

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