Dickinson, Daniel - portrait of Patrick Grey

The artist of this miniature portrait is unknown, but the sitter is described as "Patrick Grey, bachelor brother of Philip J Grey, who was grandfather of Alice Grey Leaming". The previous owner lived in Mt Laurel, NJ. 1032

Much later, and despite the earlier above opinion above, a kind visitor who is making a careful and detailed study of American miniature portraits advises me that he believes this is, "Another very decent Daniel Dickinson".


Anonymous said...

I am curious about the portrait, as I was named after Alice Grey Leaming. As I remember, she married a sea captain, and they had no children. She came to our farm for Easter, and lived in an apartment building (the first I ever knew) on Locust Street in Philadelphia, just west of Rittenhouse Square.

Don Shelton said...

Thank you for the extra information. I am sorry there is little more I can tell you about the portrait which was purchased on eBay. You are very welcome to take a copy of the image for your family history interest.