Trott, Benjamin (?) - portrait of a navy officer

This unsigned miniature portrait is in a front opening case, similar to the following portrait.

It is faintly possibly it is by Benjamin Trott, having a clear backgound and the sitter displaying disheveled hair in the style fashinable at the time. Johnson observes "Subjects have elongated necks and wear coats with extremely high collars". That all seems to apply here. However, it does not really look similar enough to other examples of his work.

The miniature is 'modest school' in size, which is unusual for 19C miniatures, especially with a similar sized case. There is one other 19C American miniature of similar size and case in the collection. IT is of an old lady. They are likely the result of the lack of suitable ivory plaques due to the impact of the Embargo Act.

The unknown sitter is a Navy officer. 909

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